Caribbean Trader, Inc.

For more than ten years Caribbean Trader, Inc. has been bringing the best products from manufacturers all over the world to clients mainly in the Caribbean and Latin America but also in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Starting with metals and ores we expanded our business to copper and brass products and during the last years we successfully entered the green energy field.

The basis of our success is our good relationship with hundreds of manufacturers. We only buy directly from manufacturers and deliver straight to our customers. This way of trading allows us to get very sharp prices which is advantageous for our customers.

Solar Power Technology

Green energy is the future!

Caribbean Trader has exclusive contracts with multiple manufacturers of solar panels, monitoring & controlling equipment, batteries, power frequency transformers, solar light poles, solar water heaters and much, much more.

From single parts to complete systems, you name it - we deliver!

From our warehouse in Puerto Rico, where we keep many products on the shelves, we can ship fast to customers on the island and in the region. solar panel

Next to the equipment we can offer technical assistance in designing your project.

All electrical equipment is UL listed, CE certified and TÜV tested.